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The Whitewolf! Who is it? What is it? Why is it? Etc etc, Balto fans have been asking this for years, but now, exclusive to this site, it can be revealed what the Whitewolf is meant to be in the movie.

Many ideas have been put forward about the Whitewolf, and on many different forums. The main discussions are held over it's gender, is it a spirit guide or maybe it's either Balto's mother or father? Or maybe it is just a wolf that was there at the right time. Well no one really knew for sure and it is a fun topic to discuss.

Then there is the sequel, Balto 2:Wolf Quest which if you are reading this page, I am sure you have seen. Aniu was the name given to a whitewolf who appeared several times through the movie as a spirit guide and also revealing that she was infact Balto's mother. This seemed like the proof Balto fans had been looking for, the Whitewolf was Balto's mother, or was it?

But everyone is screaming it is his mother, the movie said so! Well Wolf Quest was made 6 or so years after the original movie with different writers, artists etc so they could not have continued the story with the same vision of the first, in this situation you can change any character, you could say that Star turns out to be Balto's brother in Balto 3! Who will argue? Besides the original Whitewolf and Aniu look different, they appear as differnt sizes and shapes, even colour (yes I know they are both White but not all over), look at the 2 pics below.

the original Aniu, the sequel
Consider the differences;
The colour of the eyes - Aniu's eyes are completely different in colour and style to the original,
The ear tips - The original has black tipped ears and the ear itself is a different colour inside,
The fur - The original gives an impression of much more fur, it seems thicker where as Aniu looks very well groomed
Size - The original Whitewolf seems much bigger, it towers over Balto where as Aniu clearly doesn't. As I am sure you can tell there are many differences between the two whitewolves and what is more, if the original was really Balto's mother, surely instead of howling at Balto it would instead say "Hey Balto long time no see! You don't write, you don't call but now you need help and look who you find" you know the normal mum things lol. Of course I am not stating that Aniu is not Balto's mother, but that these are two different wolves.

What about the facts then? We are not sure of Balto's parentage as in which parent was the wolf, however it is widely accepted that Balto's wolf side does come from his mother, Steele's comment "I have a message for your mother" kind of suggests this. Also as stated already, the sex of the Whitewolf is commonly debated. Some say, male, some say female, others say neither, but on my personal experience I would say male. The wolf is big, much bigger than Balto, its pshysical characterists suggest male, female wolves are much smaller and not so big built. Also to back this up with facts, the Junior Novelisation clearly states that the Whitewolf is male when it refers to it as "He".

But now we come to the truth, if you do not wish to know the details about the original Whitewolf, then stop reading now. I have been intouch with someone who worked on the movie itself, in the London studio and they are very cool indeed. I plucked up the courage to ask them and get an answer to this mystery. This is the answer "the wolf in Balto does symbolise his mother - the part of Balto being a Wolf".

So there we have it, proof that Balto's wolf side comes from his mother, but not that this is his mother. Symbolism is a wonderful thing, a wolf was used in Balto to symbolise his wolf side, but this was a normal wolf, it behaved in the same way that the wolf pack towards the start of the movie did. This wolf was just in the right place at the right time. But the beauty of symbolism and this scene is that it still leaves it open to debate and I am sure that it is one debate that Balto fans will continue to have.

On an interesting final note, the person who animated this scene was a Danish guy called Jakob Hjort Jensen and he is now the Lead Character animator at Dreamworks!

For more information about the Whitewolf and more indepth histories and comparisons, be sure to visit Snowwolf's site in the links section or put your views on a Balto forum e.g. "The Icy Boards" and don't use my information on your own website.

Balto is property of MCA and Universal studios. I do not claim any rights to Balto, nor do I say that he or any of the other characters are my own. I do however say that Fluke is totally original and my property ©Acanis2000-Forever. Do not use him with out my permission. All items on this page, unless otherwise stated all belong to me so don't use them on your own site without my permission.