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The Balto Logo

We all know this as being the Balto logo, it a symbol that is loved and can strike emotion within every fan of the movie. However what if this symbol was never used? Infact it nearly wasn't as during the early production two other logos were being used for the movie instead, see below.

This is very similar to the Balto sequels' logo so I would guess this is where they most likely got it from.
This one was stamped on most of he production material so it is more likely that it would have been the favoured out of the two. The blackness around the letters was the northern lights shining out all multi-colours, I know this as I have a colour version of this image somewhere however I can't remember where right now.
So using the gift of modern tecnology I have recreated what this logo may have looked like if it was released with the movie!
This is the logog that was used on most merchandise for the movie e.g. on the story books, the stickers and even stamped on the limited edition cels and art.

There were variations of this logo that were suggested for merchandising and these are shown below

Balto is property of MCA and Universal studios. I do not claim any rights to Balto, nor do I say that he or any of the other characters are my own. I do however say that Fluke is totally original and my property ©Acanis2000-Forever. Do not use him with out my permission. All items on this page, unless otherwise stated all belong to me so don't use them on your own site without my permission.