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Background Layouts

Before a background can be create, concept art (same idea as the character concept art) is created to give ideas as to what the backgrounds look like. This is valuable to the artists as this art will show information such as colours, lighting, mood and general structure to the frame the background is being created from. Much of this information will come from the storyboards which the frame is based.

The next step is to create a blueprint of the background which maps out all the detail in the background frame completely. This is done on regular field paper.

After the blueprint has been created, it is used to create the background cleanup which an exact line drawing which will be used for the final painted background, this is also done on field paper

the final stage is to paint the finished background, to do this it must be re-drawn onto a canvas and the either oil or gouache paint was used.

Balto is property of MCA and Universal studios. I do not claim any rights to Balto, nor do I say that he or any of the other characters are my own. I do however say that Fluke is totally original and my property ©Acanis2000-Forever. Do not use him with out my permission. All items on this page, unless otherwise stated all belong to me so don't use them on your own site without my permission.