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This page is dedicated to the character development of Fluke. Fluke first appeared to the world on Fri Nov 10, 2000 as a rough piece of digital art in the photo albums of The Balto League. Since then he has grown as a character to what you see today.

So where did he come from? I often get asked is he real? The answer is yes, he is based on a real wolf but his looks and characteristics are based on 2 other very real wolves as well, see their photos below. Obviously though as time goes by he has changed some what as he has grown and my style has developed.

The rough drawings below are samples of his character design going from concept art, rough sketches to more familiar images that you may recognize. Please excuse the quality of this art, it isn't very good which is why it hasn't been online before now!

This is the first serious attampt at a piece of Fluke concept art, it was supposed to be a young adolencent puppy Fluke.

Very early development pics, I wanted to be influenced by Balto for this but at the same time I didn't want it to look like Balto.. which is why I scrapped these ones.

Playful Fluke.. getting ideas for his actual characteristics

This is more like it, you can recognize the character from here on

I had a lot of time on my hands when I drewthe above.. but it gave e a chance to develop further

These are the original sketches that turned into the first few digital pics, you can see the one where the site background comes from

Below are a few of the very first serious pictures that followed, all 100% digital.

Balto is property of MCA and Universal studios. I do not claim any rights to Balto, nor do I say that he or any of the other characters are my own. I do however say that Fluke is totally original and my property ©Acanis2000-Forever. Do not use him with out my permission. All items on this page, unless otherwise stated all belong to me so don't use them on your own site without my permission.