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This is all the merchandise that Fluke and I have been able to get our grubby little hands/paws on. There is quite a lot here and we are now running out of things to buy! I shudder to think exactly how much money we have spent.

None of these items are for sale, but if you are selling something then please email me. We are always on the look out for new items.

Items marked with ** = those of special interest e.g. rare ones or with downloads.

Movie Merchandise

Italian Version
Balto DVD
Balto 2 DVD
Signed Balto 2 DVD! **
Laser Disk
Sheet Music *Updated*
US/UK Balto CD Single
Australian Single
Dutch CD Single**
Signed Balto Photo! **
The Movie Story Book
Balto: The Hero
Balto: Junior Novelisation
U.K. KFC Balto figure
Steele KFC Figure
A Complete KFC Set
Balto Plushie
Laying Down Plush!
Another Balto Plush
Limited Edition Sericel
The Balto Sticker Album **
Sealed Stickers
Balto 2 Stickers *NEW*
Balto Towel & Wash Cloth**


Balto Cinema Standee
Prototype Press Book *NEW*
U.K. Press Kit **
U.S. Press Kit
U.S. Press Kit with Colour Slides
Extra Still
German Press Book
French Press Book
British Quad Movie Poster
Double Sided Poster
German Poster
German Lobby Cards *NEW*
Cinema Lobby Poster
Japanese Chirashi
Premier Tickets**
Balto Balloons!
Wrapping Paper
Balto Ornaments
Balto Colouring Mats
Promotional Set
Balto Hat **
Promo Balto Shirt **
German Balto Shirt
Japanese Phone Card

The Real Balto

Colection of Photos **
Magazine Cover **
Stamp & Envelope
An Old Postcard
Balto the Hero story book

Movie Production

Balto Character Sheets
Whitewolf Character Sheet
Other Character Sheets
Final Balto Character Sheet
Story Boards
Story Board Folder
Story Board Production Sheets
Original Preproduction Drawings
Jenna Key Drawings
125 Xeroxed Drawings!
Background Blueprint
Background Clean Up
Original Backgrounds
Studio Cel Copies
A Real Balto Cel
Another Real Balto Cel
Balto Film Frames
Staff Handbook
Balto mug
Crew Sweatshirt
Crew Jacket
Screening Invite
The Imfamous Snow Globe!

Do NOT use any of these pictures with out my permission.

Balto is property of MCA and Universal studios. I do not claim any rights to Balto, nor do I say that he or any of the other characters are my own. I do however say that Fluke is totally original and my property ©Acanis2000-Forever. Do not use him with out my permission. All items on this page, unless otherwise stated all belong to me so don't use them on your own site without my permission.