06/11/06 - After quite a long time I have finally uploaded all the artwork you good people have sent me! Sorry it took so long but your patience is appreciated. I have also added a new section, you can find it under the merchandise button as I thought it would be quite relevant there. Also added a new desktop for download thanks to Laura


03/07/06 - I have just uploaded a mountain of artwork, both the Balto and Fluke fanart sections have been updated. Well that will teach me for leaving it so long won't it? Sorry to all the good people who visit this site often, I have been extremely lazy this year so far but as time has gone on, life has gotten more and more in the way. I will will try and get another update soon as I do have something interesting to add! Thanks for waiting!


04/02/06 - Two days ago (the 2nd) was the 81st anniversary of Balto arriving into Nome with the anti-toxin! As a result of this Fluke has taken a backseat for a while and Balto is now up in the top corner. Apart from that other updates include new fan art from both new artists (welcome to La Koda and Mari) and some from existing artists and as if that wasn't good enough the Fluke fan art has also been updated with two new artsits so welcome to Daniela! As usual the standard is excellent so check them out. In addition to this I have also updated the links and just after new year the site received its' 17th award! That's all for now, as usual I am holding of on something quite interesting for the next update ;)


05/01/06 - Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a really good 2005 but now onto 2006! If the little pic of Fluke in the corner hasn't given it away this site is 5 years old today! To celebrate I have finally updated the Merchandise section with three new items, one of which I have never seen before nor heard of. It is pretty cool so check them out while I try and get the new fan art online as well as re-vamping this update page!


22/12/05 - Well this is it, 10 years ago the greatest animated movie ever was released to the general public in cinemas all over the US and Canada! To mark this occasion I have changed the date on the 10 years pic below to coincide with this and I have added even more to the Production info section as my small celebration and Christmas gift to everyone who keeps this site alive! I personally like to think of it as everything that *should* have been on the DVD but wasn't. Anyway hope you like it, have a great Christmas everyone and I'll be back with updates in the new year in time for the site birthday!


07/12/05 - Big update for you, first of all the Fanart has been updated with new artists (welcome Anna, Brian and Starsky) plus some old ones too. Same goes for the Fluke Fanart section too so don't forget to check out everyone's really great art. I have also added a site to the Links and the Awards section has also been updated with one I won for the Best Fan Art of the year which I am very proud of. Finally the Merchandise section has been massively updated and yet I still have a couple of items to add but I think you will be impressed with what is there. Until next time enjoy!


29/11/05 - To everyone who has emailed me and not had a reply yet.. please be patient, I will reply to everyone but I have had a problem with theicecave.org email servers as in I couldn't download them! I have got all emails now and will be replying shortly. I will get a real update soon too.


29/10/05 - Just quickly updated the fanart and the links section. Sorry there hasn't been much recently but I haven't been home for quite a long time, I'll try and get some more content like new merchandise up soon, until then have a great halloween everyone one!


22/09/05 - Updated the Links and the Awards sections and done a big Fan Art update too including five new artists and some new art from older artists including myself. I have some merchandise to add too but I think that will be on another update, until then enjoy!


07/09/05 - To everyone who has emailed and sent stuff to my site, just wanted to say that you will all get a reply, I have been going through a rather tough time recently and have put the website on hold although I am just about through it all now and the site will be back on track soon :) until then keep watching this space


04/08/05 - This is the big one, the Production Info section has finally been filled with lots of cool info that I have picked up over the years a long with some studio material that I own and haven't displayed until recently. If there is anything you think I have missed out then please let me know and I'll work on it! Fan Art update next time


30/07/05 - New art (from SaberwolfRG and myself), new graphics *points* and a new link!


27/07/05 - Got another update for you as I am enjoying my time off work. Firstly I have added 2 new pieces of fan art in my gallery (I haven't drawn Balto in ages!) and I have expanded on the Meet Fluke section so now you can see how his character has developed over time. Finally I have added to/updated the Price Guide section and put a couple of new images/easter eggs around the site. Might do more later in the day, if things start changing as you browse that's me updating, stay tuned.*Edit* Links have also been updated and I have added a short story to the Fluke Fiction section written by *gasps* me. I'm not really a writer but it could be worse lol


25/07/05 - I've added 2 new sections! The first is an updated page that has been offline for quite a long time, it is under "Reviews" on the left and contains magazine clippings etc I have found. The second is a brand new page under "Music Notes" and is the entire sheet music to "Reach for the Light". Merchandise has also been updated as well as the Fan Art section which now contains 2 new artists so welcome to Raven and Kassandra! Other updates include some graphics here and there and repairing a corrupt image in the Merchandise section. More to come soon, keep sending that fan art in!


05/07/05 - I have added a new section under Downloads called "Colouring Book". It does exactly what it says on the tin, though I might move it under Fun Stuff instead, anyway what do you folks think? Any feedback would be appreciated even if it is a request for more characters
*EDIT* Links have also been updated


04/07/05 - I have added some new fanart which includes two new artists and I have updated the Merchandise section with a few interesting items especially concerning the real Balto. Unforunately I can't get my scanner to work right now so other stuff will have to wait, keep sending that fanart in though!


15/04/05 - Well I'm off work being ill etc, so I thought why not do some much needed work to the site. I feel I have really fallen behind on updates and I want this site to remain up to date and cutting edge etc. So I have added another artist to the fanart section (their art also now features on the tutorial page too) as well as a couple of new links, I have added another download to the Desktop section and finally after all this time I have my "Cels" page back online under the fan section! I might add more to that later though as I have them all saved on CD. Now if you remember, I promised ages ago I would have new screenshots, well I finally got round to it and have uploaded just under 100 widescreen images of Balto 1! I hope you all enjoy them cos it took me ages lol. Finally I have added/changed a couple of little graphics here and there so see if you can spot them! Here's a hint, Fluke is hungry after all this work!


14/04/05 - I have updated/revamped the links page, added some, removed some others due to them being dead etc. If you would like to see your website linked to this site, then drop me an email and I'll add it, obviosuly I would also appreciate a link on your site too. *Edit* I have updated the Fan Art section too in a sudden burst of enthusiasm :D


18/03/05 - I have updated both the Fan art section and the Fluke fanart section, check it all out, all submissions are great works of art. Appologies to those who have been waiting a long time to see their art on the site, I don't get as much time to update as I used to, I'll try and get out of the bad habits though I promise! I have also added 3 pieces of artwork to the bottom of my tutorial page by 3 people who also found my colouring tutorial useful. Finally I have added 2 awards to the site which I received a while ago, I am slowly catching up!


05/01/05 - Happy Birthday to us! We have been online 4 years today so to celebrate here is a big update! Firstly what everyone really wants to see is I have uploaded 2 new movie clips of BALTO 3 both of which contain Kodi and other new characters talking. Also on top of that you can download the songs of Balto 3 from the new page of the B3 section! Other updates include new movie clips from the original movie, a new splash page image and a new piece of merchandise in that section, I still have more bits to add there as well as more original clip. I have finally gotten my butt into gear and got the Production page partially up and running, there will be plenty more sections to follow. I think that is everything, I am thinking of making some new graphics too but that will probably take me about a year too..


29/12/04 - Both the Fan art and Fluke art sections have been updated, welcome to all the new artists, I hope I havn't missed any of you out! I still have loads to update yet, merchandise and another Balto 3 clip!


13/12/04 - Hi all, sorry for te lack of updates recently but that is because I took a rather long holiday in Florida and didn't have a chance to update this place. I am back now so expect updates soon, for those who have sent me artwork etc, don't worry it will be on here soon and thanks for your patience. More Balto 3 will be on the way too


27/10/04 - Added about 10 more Balto 3 screen shots on page 2 of that section, quite a few are of Kodi which has been requested by quite a few people! Also added a Balto 3 video clip! Enjoy, next update all the fanart, Fluke art etc that didn't make it onto the last.


24/10/04 - **WARNING BIG UPDATE** Firstly Balto 3, we now have movie clips online ready for download, more will follow shortly. Now the huge part, both the Fan Art and the Fluke fanart sections ahve been updated, more art from old artists and loads of new ones too, too many infact to list so you will have to just go and have a look. All of it is great art though so please take the time to look! *EDIT* I have also added a couple new screenshots and divided the page into 2 pages so it isn't so crowded


19/10/04 - 3rd update in as many days! The Balto 3 section is well underway, I have added about 10 new screen shots and a new section with my Balto 3 review in it. You can choose between a detailed version with plenty of spoilers or an edited cut version without spoilers. The choice is yours, check it all out! More sections coming soon, I have some ideas for it!


18/10/04 - This site, in the past, has been the first to bring you many things, a huge photo gallery of Balto merchandise, the most up to date infor on Balto 2 production and now, for your viewing pleasure, the first Balto site to publically display a gallery of never before seen BALTO 3 SCREEN SHOTS! Check out the new, but small Balto 3 section! My review of the movie is nearly complete and will be added later. WARNING YOU MAY SEE SOME SPOILERS!


17/10/04 - This site is continuing to grow, I now own a DVD of Balto 3! I am currently nearing the end of a long in depth review of the movie which I will post on my site but warning, it does contain major spoilers! I have viewed the movie and I have to say I really like it. Check out this screenshot for a teaser.. More coming soon


30/08/04 - Are you ready for this? I have updated with a ton of art, new artists in both the Fluke art section and the Balto fan art section! A big welcome to: Aleu, Baltowolf2006, cAcTuSwReN, Hyenadae, Leah Able, Melissa Atwell and Wolf Crysta! Check out all the artwork, it is all definately worth it. If you don't see your artwork on here then it will be on the next update. Also I have updated the links section which to be honest needs remodeling. But I have (re)added a link to the list, one of the top ones actually. A website known as "Silka's Page of Downloads" was a really wonderful site and one day vanished but after much searching, Fluke managed to sniff it out. It's back!


11/08/04 - Ok this is embarrising, I haven't updated in ages and ages, but I have been trying to work my life out as I passed my Degree. But the only reason I am updating now is to tell who or whatever it is that is sending viruses in my email that your lame attempts have not worked and will not ever work. Give it up


31/05/04 - College is out! I have exams (wish me luck) in a week but for now at least, no more lectures ever again!! So that means I have more time on my hands and in this case I have finally got an update for you all. It is a huge art dumb in that the Balto fan art section has been updated with more great art from Grey Kitty and also a big welcome to our new artists; Amber, Roxy Puppy, Spirit of Nome, Tilly and Wolf 6.0. Also the Fluke art section has been updated with more art from Wolf 6.0 so check them all out before you leave. Hopefully I will have more updates soon, sorry again for the huge gap inbetween


11/05/04 - There is no excuse for such a long period between updates but I am really busy at the moment due to college and stuff. I am coming up to the end of my degree so I am working a lot of the time. Please watch this space and hopefully I will bring updates soon. Appologies to those who have sent me art etc and haven't seen it posted yet, please hang in there!


28/03/04 - AHA yes I have worked out how to animate on Adobe Image Ready! So I have changed the Fluke pic in the top left corner, now he will be watching you as you explore the site. Feel free to pat him on the head but be careful, he might bite. Might do the splash page too as I'm a bit bored with it. Maybe tomorrow ;)


26/03/04 - Woah it's been a while, been busy with college etc, usual stuff but you'll be pleased to know I passed my exams. But enough of that, onto the updates! We have a few here for you today, if you look to the left, you will see I have re-arranged the contents to a more condensed form bringing things up hopefully making it easier to navigate. So while you are looking at that, you may as well click on the Fluke art section and see the new artists in there! Welcome to Arctic Pup, Kiche and Kirara, oh and Wolf 6.0 has been updated too. Next on the list is the Balto fan art section, Arctic Pup again and welcome to Spirit of the North too. Also another item has been added to the Merchandise section, a cool T shirt and right now I am working on a new top corner pic for the site.. so you might see that soon. That's all for now


20/02/04 - Today we have two new artists in the Fluke fan art section, welcome to Anchor and Wolf6.0 and more Fluke art from Vesta too! Also I have added a new link to the first Argentinian Balto site, so check it out especially if you speak Spanish


02/02/04 - Today at 5.30am, 79 years ago Balto and his team arived in Nome and a legend was born. Sorry for the lack of updates, but that is due to college work and exams etc. However for this anniversary I have a few updates, firstly the merchandise section has been added to with a French Press Book. We also have 2 new pieces of art in the Fluke section (thanx Grey kitty) and the fan art section (thanx Jenna Huskie). Finally I have added another pic to the Meet Fluke section which I am pretty pleased with. Enjoy!


05/01/04 - Happy New Year everyone annnnd Happy Birthday to us!! Yep it is the anniversary of this site opening and Fluke and I are celebrating our 2nd year online! Now in this update we have 2 new awards and a couple of new fanartists, welcome to Taylor and Jenna Huskie. At this time I would like to stress that you can only submit your own fanart, taking someone else's work and re-colouring it does not make it yours, especially when I am good friends with the person who originally drew it! Speaking of which, I have just presented that same friend with my award so she has been added to the list of those who have won. Finally the Meet Fluke section has finally been sorted out, it still needs 2 sub-sections, but they will come along too in time



26/12/03 - Happy Christmas everyone, I hope that you all have/had a nice safe one! This site is coming up to it's birthday so I'm saving updates till then


15/12/03 - Got a couple of updates for you today, I have added a new piece of merchandise and a section called "Fun Stuff" which is under Downloads. It is a really cool Balto optical illusion I made, check it out and if anyone has any ideas of what to put in that section, then please let me know! Also I have added to the movie clips section, now you can download the movie trailor in .avi formate, enjoy!


10/12/03 - College is out and Christmas is coming so now I have updates! Firstly there is a new piece of fanart by Silver Wulf so check that out and this site has received another award! I have also updated the Merchandise section with a few aquired goodies (more to come) and I have added 2 backgrounds to the Desktop section, one thanx to Grey Kitty and one made by me, enjoy!


17/11/03 - Hold on to your seats, lots of updates! This site has 2 new cool awards Fluke was very pleased to see them, his tail is still wagging! Next down the list, I updated the Music section, I have split it into 2 sections; Balto and Balto 2. I know I wasn't going to do Balto 2, but some MP3s have been kindly donated to the site so now you can download most of the soundtrack to the sequel too! Next we have new fanart, another image from Snowwolf and a new artist, welcome to Silver Wulf! Be sure to check their art out before you move on. The links have also been updated too, Grey Kittie's Niju site is no longer around and has been replaced with her Movie site instead, and I added a new link. Finally I have updated the Desktop stuff section and added 2 backgrounds made by me. I am pretty new to making backgrounds, but I hope to add to them, enjoy!


05/11/03 - Been working on the site a little bit, just cleaning up bits and pieces and trying to work out what to do with sections that are still down. The Screenshot section for example, I have put the old ones back up for now but I don't know if I will ever make new ones as you can find them on any other Balto site. With the Production section, I am going to split into 2 as I will put the standard production info, then another section with cool bits I found/own, all will be revealed. Also I have been adding some security features but am still working out some little bugs. But also we have real updates today, 2 new artists in the fan art section, welcome to Cpepper and Snow Wolf (of Balto's Legacy), check them out, both very talanted artists


29/10/03 - I updated the Unknown Dog page, added a link there and tried to explain the purpose a bit better. Also I have added a lot of stuff to the production part of the Merchandise section such as storyboard related material, character sheets and lots of studio material. Next time I update I will add actual studio artwork, I just need to scan it all in, so I have been concentrating on the copies for now but keep an eye out, I have lots of production art on the way!


25/10/03 - Yay we have another award! Thanks Whisper for that, also I updated the merchandise section with 4 new items, but still have lots to come! I just need to scan everything, got lots of new Balto production artwork to add and lots of studio material! Keep watching this space :D Also dispite the "Meet Fluke" section is still down, I put my latest pic of him in that place for now. Enjoy


12/10/03 - This is an important update, I have been intouch with someone who worked on the production of Balto and now, exclusive to Fluke's site, we have an answer to the Whitewolf. Check out the new section called "The Whitewolf" for the history, theories and the final answer to it. Also I have added a picture by an artist to the tutorial page who has found it useful, scroll to the bottom


05/10/03 - Not so quick update, I put a new button you can link to my site on the Links page, and I have re-arranged the Merchandise section to make it a bit easier to navigate. I also put 2 new items on there I had forgot to update with ;)


04/10/03 - Another quick update, I added another new page to the site, now you can win Fluke's award!


03/10/03 - Just a quicky, updated the links section.


27/09/03 - Added a new section! It's about the unknown dog in Balto, check it out listed under "Unkown Dog" (original name eh?) I want to hear your opinions! Other updates include adding a few new graphics and sorting out html, I've cleaned up the Merchandise and the Fanart sections, I still need to do the Fluke art and the Fluke story sections. It takes ages!!!


26/09/03 - The end of summer is official, it's cold now and Fluke's winter coat is coming in, he is shedding hair everywhere! But what better time to watch Balto!?! Most of these updates are ones you probably won't notice. I am going round the site and cleaning up some html e.g. the disclaimer is actually at the bottom of the page now. But one update you definately should notice is new fan art by GreyKitty! Check that out, other updates include some random grapics, I am trying to make the site look more like a Balto site, I realised the other day that it's main weakness of this site is it has/had little graphical detail.


06/09/03 - Well it's September, the summer is on it's way out and towards the other side of the world (have fun Kimbo!) but it won't stop me from updating! Let's see where to start? Well first of all I have updated the links section to include Glacier's very cool "Balto Central" site so be sure to visit there when you are done here. The Merchandise section has been updated (more items to follow soon) with a rather cool find and the Desktop downloads section is finally up and running. There isn't much there right now, but there is something (thanx to Glacier)! Finally due to popular request, I have updated the MP3s in the music section with better quality versions. If anyone downloads them, can you let me know if they are good? That's all for now, more updates on the way!


19/08/03 - Almost a month from my last update, I have been so busy with work and earning money and stuff. The update though is I have another piece of Fluke art from Grey Kitty! Thanks a lot it is really nice :D. I hope to start on these sections that are still down some time too, hopefully I won't be so busy all the time soon


21/07/03 - A few things for you today, the merchandise section has been updated with a CD Single of "Reach for the Light". Also we have more artwork, a new fan artist, welcome to Naomi King and Grey Kitty has added another picture of Fluke. Don't forget to check both out!


10/07/03 - It has been a while since I have updated, but I have been busy making a site for my band. Anyway though I have updated Grey Kitties page in the fan art section, and there is also more Fluke art from Vesta Wolf! Finally for the art, a new Fluke artist, welcome Ravid Wolf so don't forget to check out all that art!


Also I thought I would update people on Balto 3, other sites have been saying that it is going to be traditional cell animation. This information came from an interview on a website, but tis is incorrect. It is going to be animated in the same way that Wolf Quest and the original Balto was; on computer.


18/06/03 - The Free Section has been started! So far I only have a few pics for people to use but I hope to expand this. Have a look and if anyone has requests, just lemme know and I'll say if I can do it or not. Right now though I think it looks pretty good, the images are transparent (I hope) but you may have to edit the outlines in a art package. Remember to check updates below as I have been busy with them the last few days


17/06/03 - Updated the Fluke art section with more work from Vesta and Rynaldo Fox! Also Rynaldo Fox has art in the Balto fan art section too, so check it all out! -Acanis


15/06/03 - Got the music notes and Fluke fiction sections back up and running, nearly there now! The I just have to start work on the new sections. So OK it is taking me a lot longer than I first thought, but the weather is really good, my new Harley (Clicky to see!) is shiny and the road calls me! So till next time, enjoy -Acanis


09/06/03 - The Fluke art section is now back up and running but it hasn't been updated so again appologies to those who have sent me art work, and I also got the awards page working so the site is nearly fully operational, just gotta make the new sections and get a couple of the old ones back -Acanis


08/06/03 - It worked! We are now on shtml and not only that, but the fan art section is back up and running, although I haven't updated it yet so appolgies to those who have sent me fan art, I will try and get it up asap! -Acanis


07/06/03 - Sorry for the lack of updates, but I am working on converting the site to shtml after taking some advice from Silver. It will make the site easier to update and stuff -Acanis


27/05/03 - Been working on a few bits, like I forgot to list the awards section and played with a bit of HTML. I think the site won't be fully online for a while yet, I have too much to do for college and stuff, end of term, got exams and all that. I'll do my best to get it all working soon -Acanis


21/05/03 - Slowly getting the merchandise section up and running, still a lot of pages to do. Also got the new site info page working so that should keep you going till the next, however it may take longer than I originally expected to get the site finished, maybe 2 weeks.. -Acanis


18/05/03 - Got the main page of the Mechandise section up, although all the links there are dead at the moment, and I also got the links page back up and running. Finally to tidy things up, I put "Coming Soon" pages up so the sections don't lead to 404 errors -Acanis


17/05/03 - Well here it is! A new look for the website, finally after all these years. I am really pleased how it has come together, although there might be still a few bugs to sort out. Also most of the sections are NOT working so if you click on something and it comes up with the error page, no need to email me about it. I hope to get everything working in the next week or so, AND I have new sections on the way *points to the new headings*. So anyway what do you think? Finally going a long with a whole fresh look, I have a brand new email address too. From now on fluke@baltoleague.zzn.come DOESN'T work, but you can reach me at Fluke@theicecave.org instead. So anyway keep checking back, I will post each time to say what is working. If you have any suggestions, then please email me, or sign the guestbook -Acanis


09/05/03 - Two new pieces of merchandise in that section, have a look, I am very pleased with them! In other news I am thinking about changing the layout of the site as it's been the same since forever, I have no idea what to do so if anyone has any suggestions, email me. I did have a go at designing one but got I bored so I ended up changing the image on the contents frame instead and making the whole frame more compact -Acanis


05/05/03 - We have more Fluke art!! Thank you to GreyKitty, check out their great art in the Fluke art section! Also we have 2 new pieces of Balto merchandise in that section and there are more to come, I am awaiting 3 new items in the post, one is very special indeed :D watch this space :) -Acanis


27/04/03 - New art from Doodle! Been a bit busy recently, I bought another Harley replacing the one that died last year and I am having so much fun with it, got lots to do to it . Oh and I also I just updated the links section, have fun! -Acanis


21/04/03 - Very quick update, a very nice new piece of fanart from Doodle, have a look. In other developments, i am thinking about re-doing the Meet Fluke page, it is a bit outdated -Acanis


14/04/03 - Back from holiday so back with the updates. Angel Pup has sent anew picture of Fluke so have a look at her new pic with her new style. Also there is a new rare Balto item in the Merchandsie section -Acanis


31/03/03 - Been ages since I updated but I am actually away on holiday right now, but I have managed to squeeze some in! Two new fanartists, welcome to Oddmon and Rynaldo Fox, so check them out. Got a new bit of German merchandise to add but that will have to wait. Till then, enjoy, -Acanis


04/03/03 - I forgot to link my new bit of merchandise to the site, check it out, you can see this rare item now! Also I would like to announce that I have updated the REAL BALTO section, I am confident to believe that it is the biggest, most detailed and largest database of media to do with the true story on the net! I have nearly 30 pictures on there out of 50 along with 5 video clips! Go check it out, I'm impressed with it and I still have more bits to add!! -Acanis


28/02/03 - Got a couple of updates today, first is 2 new artists in the Fluke Fan Art section, welcome to Oddmon and TheLonewolf27, so please check out their work, it is very nice and also there is a new piece in the merchandise section I bought recently -Acanis


19/02/03 - It's been a little while since I last updated, I've had exams on and such. But they are over now so on with the updates! First up is new art by Grey kitty, its great as usual so pay her section (or website) a visit. Secondly I have updated the merchandise section, now we have a group photo of all my official movie merchandise at the time and a couple of photos for the Balto Towel and Cinema Standee as I didn't have pics before. Finally if anyone has sent me any art that I have missed, then please remind me as I have a new computer and may have lost stuff in the change over -Acanis


01/02/03 - Big update on the Fan Art section, I have a new picture up whic I did the other day, and we have new art from DuleWolf and GreyKitty, all excellent stuff so don't forget to take a look! Also a new fanartist, welcome to Rachel Church! Again really nice art so check it out! Finally we have a new section, this is for all the musically inclined Balto fans, "Balto Music Notes" is a new section presently with some guitar music, special thanx to Aglandiir who TABbed it out for me . If you would like to add to the section for any instrument, then please do! -Acanis


25/01/03 - More Balto and Fluke art from Dulewolf! Balto guitar music (TAB) coming soon too, maybe later today if I get a chance -Acanis


23/01/03 - Another piece of Balto art from Dulewolf and new Fanartist, welcome to GreyKitty! Check out their excellent artwork . Also one more bit of fan art from *gasp* ME! It's been ages since I've done any.. but it's kind of cheating, just a re-colour of an old picture. The original is still on the site, so you can see how far I've come in 2 years. I love Photoshop! -Acanis


20/01/03 - New Balto art by Dulewolf and Fluke art too, also by Dulewolf! -Acanis


11/01/03 - BIG Update now! Firstly The alto League is 4 years old! Long live the League, lets hope for a long long future! Now the updates, we have a new fan artist, welcome to Dulewolf and I have updated the Merchandise section with a new interesting piece. But wait theres more! There are 2 new clippings of Balto reviews in the Misc section under "Clippings" and a brand new page there called Background Information. This is a really interesting section in my opinion, there are 4 backgrounds there each with a story to tell, and 2 of them didn't make it into the movie so most people won't have seen them before! Finally I'm late in adding this but in the links I've added the Url of THE Original Balto website!! Have a look, it's really cool! -Acanis


09/01/03 - Two new pieces of art from Sprout300, forgot to put them up last time! -Acanis


06/01/03 - Happy New Year! Also my site was 2 years old yesterday and I planned a nice big update, but due to computer troubles and server troubles and stupid programs that won't work, I've had to put it off, hopefully it will be soon! -Acanis


25/01/03 - More Balto and Fluke art from Dulewolf! Balto guitar music coming soon too, maybe later today if I get a chance -Acanis


23/01/03 - Another piece of Balto art from Dulewolf and new Fanartist, welcome to GreyKitty! Check out their excellent artwork . Also one more bit of fan art from *gasp* ME! It's been ages since I've done any.. but it's kind of cheating, just a re-colour of an old picture. The original is still on the site, so you can see how far I've come in 2 years. I love Photoshop! -Acanis


20/01/03 - New Balto art by Dulewolf and Fluke art too, also by Dulewolf! -Acanis


11/01/03 - BIG Update now! Firstly The alto League is 4 years old! Long live the League, lets hope for a long long future! Now the updates, we have a new fan artist, welcome to Dulewolf and I have updated the Merchandise section with a new interesting piece. But wait theres more! There are 2 new clippings of Balto reviews in the Misc section under "Clippings" and a brand new page there called Background Information. This is a really interesting section in my opinion, there are 4 backgrounds there each with a story to tell, and 2 of them didn't make it into the movie so most people won't have seen them before! Finally I'm late in adding this but in the links I've added the Url of THE Original Balto website!! Have a look, it's really cool! -Acanis


09/01/03 - Two new pieces of art from Sprout300, forgot to put them up last time! -Acanis


06/01/03 - Happy New Year! Also my site was 2 years old yesterday and I planned a nice big update, but due to computer troubles and server troubles and stupid programs that won't work, I've ahd to put it off, hopefully it will be soon! -Acanis


30/12/02 - One last update for the year 2002 I think! New art from Doodle, very nice colouring, so please check that one out. Also a BIG update on merchandise, there are 5 new items there including TWO real cels, and other interesting rare finds :D HAPPY NEW YEAR! -Acanis


23/12/02 - BALTO'S BACK! Yep this is a message for anyone living in the UK. Balto will be on BBC 1 around 11 o clock, New Years Eve. I'll be watching even though I have the DVD and countless videos.. This will be the second time it's ever been on terrestrial t.v. in the UK. Also if I don't update again before, everyone have a Happy Christmas and wonderful New Year! -Acanis


07/12/02 - Well it's nearly Christmas! Fluke is getting ready to hang up his stocking(s) by the fire. He seems to think that as he has four legs, he can hang up four big socks.. Every time he thinks about all the bones he *thinks* he's going to get, he starts to drool on the floor.. *picks up a mop* But yes I do have updates, we have a new award in the appropriate section, thanks to Animated Malamute and I've updated the merchandise section with items I don't have pics for as of yet, I need a digital camera... Also 2 new fanartists! Welcome to Sprout300 and Glacier, go check out their art and I added a new website to the Links section! -Acanis


25/11/02 - Got a new section called "Miscellaneous Stuff" for those little odds and ends that don't have a home. Also I have updated the merchandise section with another plush I bought, this time a laying down one . I also have a new Balto standee which I haven't put in the section as I dont have a picture.. I might just list the items I have liek that as dead links. Dont know yet -Acanis


21/11/02 - Just updated the merchandise price guide with a signed photo. Have a look if you are interested as this is exactly the sort I'm saying not to buy. Uhg its awful, it really is! -Acanis


11/11/02 - Two updates in as many days! This one is quite special and different, I have updated my merchandise section with a Dutch CD I managed to aquire. There is also an MP3 of it in the Music section so have a listen and look, its quite interesting -Acanis


10/11/02 - Rememberance day tomorrow, 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year. Strange how that works out. I will have to go out and buy a poppy for it... not got one yet. I lost family in the 2 world wars and I think its important to show respect on that day. Anyway yes I do have an update, New picture of Fluke by Angel_pup, it differnt, more realistic pic of Fluke in a pack. I really like it! -Acanis


30/10/02 - Happy Halloween! Click Here! But to the updates, we have a picture of Hardees toys for the Merchandise Price Guide, thanx silver! Also new Fluke and Balto artist, welcome to Wild husky! Be sure to see their art, and more Fluke art from Kimbo, excellent as always. Also I have updated the Merchandise section with a version of Reach for the Light from the Netherlands. Its a CD single and its very different to our English version, find out more on that page. If you are wondering what it does sound like, I have made an MP3 of the song and that is on the Music section, the electric guitar is very cool enjoy!-Acanis


25/10/02 - Are you sick of high prices for Balto Merchandise? I know I am, it shouldn't be that way so I have created a list of common Balto items with a recommended price on. These prices aren't my ideal world style prices, but actual prices I have paid and ahve seen paid. Also offers advice on availability and places to go, people to stay clear of etc. Have a read, its a new section called "Merchandise Prices" located on the left hand frames -Acanis


22/10/02 - Yet another effective drawing from Angel_pup in the fan art section! Check it out, tis very cool Hey did u see that? Yep I thought Silver has lil smilie things on her News Pro so its time for Fluke to have his own set too! Finally i finished changing all the page titles that needed to be changed. Now I gotta work out what to do with some pages.. Meet Fluke and The Real Balto pages are up for a face lift, but I'm so lazy -Acanis


15/10/02 - New art from Angel_pup and some more new banners on pages as I work down the list - Acanis


11/10/02 - Continue to replace banners on pages, alog with a few extras. Theres a new link button for my site in the links section. - Acanis


10/10/02 - Updated the links page, after speaking to Whitewolf about how its a shame that so many Balto websites simply stop being updated, I have started a new idea of only linking to active, regulary updated sites. if your site is only ever updated once since its made, I'm not going to link to it. Also I have introduced a little button to the main page and starting to replace my titles. Enjoy! -Acanis


08/10/02 - Well its tecnically the next day here so new update! NEW FLASH!!!! If you came straight onto this page, go back to http://fluke.theiceave.org to see my lovely new flash animation. I really love it. Apart from that I've changed a few things around, new graphics here and there (see if you can spot them) and like the new way I got the updates set up? Finally If you haven't read it yet, be sure to check the update below (the 7/10/02) for the other news. - Acanis


07/10/02 - AHA yes I am alive!! Well I have a lot to update since I've been away, many of you who visit my site will probably know that I was involved in a rather nasty motorcycle accident in which my gorgeous, lovely, shiney Harley Davidson was destroyed. I hate things with 4 wheels... they are always in the way, what happened to me was a van did a U-turn on the other side of a blind bend, while I came round that bend and ended up in the side of the van.. grrr I've been in hospital for 6 weeks but am doing fine now. Anyhoo enough about me, onto the updates. First up is Angel_pup, absolutely tons of art in her Balto AND Fluke sections, so please take a look. Also I meant to update my merchandise section before the accident, so here it is now, with my new items on it. Next up, more fan art from a new artist, welcome to Autumn_wolf, so don't forget to have a look at her nice Balto art too. The links have also been updated. - Acanis


15/08/02 - Not really an update, just news. Its been announced that Balto 3 starts production shortly. DW is back as associate producer and Phil is also back. My thoughts on the third movie... well I'm glad David and Phil are on the production team but at the same time I'm not as excited to hear about the new movie as I was about Balto 2. I'm mainly worried that it is going to go the same way as the Land Before Time movies. The original Balto is always going to special and too much of a good thing may reduce this view. I mean how many people groan when they see Little Foot is having ANOTHER adventure? i know I'm hoping for the big asteroid to hit earth and end dinosaur life as far as thats concerned. But my hopes at the moment is that Balto 3 is a prequel. I suggested ages ago before Balto 2 came out that a prequel would be nice. I want to see Baltos origins.. answer the questions people ask like "where did he come from?" and "why does he feel so ashamed of his wolf side"..."what happened to his family" etc etc u get the idea. I would like for it to tie in with the otehr 2 movies. I felt Wolf Quest was Balto but it hardly had anything to do with the original apart from the characters. Lets keep our fingers/paws crossed for this, a trilogy would be a nice end to the Balto saga, tho end is the wrong word...Balto will never end as long as their are fans, i just dont want to see it cheapened like *other* animated movies. Speaking of Balto 2 though, I have given it some thought and have decided that this webpage will remain pretty much the same. There are plenty of Balto 2 sites out there now, I dont need to make a new section for mine. At the most I will maybe incorpriate some elements of BAlto 2 into the site, with a movie review but thats it. I mean it is a tribute to Balto in general. - Acanis


12/08/02 - Just a quick thing, I forgot to post another pic of Fluke done by Vesta_wolf, take a look at her page in the Fluke art section! - Acanis


11/08/02 - Well summer has finally showed its face here! Fluke has been busy romping around and causing general mayhem...nothing new really, cept hes doing it outside instead of in my house. But anyway here are the updates. First we have a new piece of Fluke art from Cyphermutt, the quality is great as usual. Oh and watch out for the result of an art trade we are presently talking about doing. Also still in the Fluke art section, we have 3 new artists, welcome to Kamotz, Suicune and Angel pup3k! Check out all of their art, you wont regret it. Finally with the Fluke side fo things, there are 2, yes 2 new pics of Fluke himself in the "Meet Fluke" section.. *gasp* by me, unbelievable I actually did something!! Im really pleased with how they turned out so check them out. Im sure you will agree that Fluke is definately developing as a wolf *sniffs* hes all grown up :(. Having sad that, I do plan on re doing that section. There's no point keeping the old pics anymore. Moving on, we have more art in the fan art section from Angel Pup (as stated above) and *drum roll* me yay! My first Balto art for a year. wish I hadnt left it so long now. Anyway enjoy and a last quick note i forgot to mention last time, thanx to Silver_Huskey for the cool lil Fluke logo in the top left corner, enjoy! - Acanis


15/07/02 - Quick update, The Icey Boards are back! the url has changed so dont forget to update your bookmarks... just go to the forum page on the site, and it will take you there! - Acanis


04/07/02 - Happy Independance day to all those American Balto fans out there...try not to blow too many things up with fireworks lol. But onto the updates...first of all i feel guilty... my good friend Thorn_wolf did 2 wonderful pictures of Fluke for me and I promised to display them for her...well like the clever person I am I forgot about them, sorry Thorn! But i found them and now they are up in the Fluke art section. Speaking of Fluke art I've done some myself... check out the meet Fluke section for that. Also I've updated the fan art section with a new artist, welcome to Doodle, sorry for the wait and more art from Tala. Its excellent as usual so have a look and by the way I am now accepting Balto 2 stuff just incase you are wondering. Finally I fixed the link to Snow wolf's site. The Url has changed due to a new server.. so check that out now cos she has redone her entire site and it looks fantastic! Ok thats it for now.. have a good holiday and in the words of Bill and Ted "be excellent to each other and party on!" - Acanis


22/06/02 - Wow I've been bad. I should have updated ages ago, and I've only got the Merchandise section updated so far. Have a look, there are quite a few new items in there. I've been so busy lately with work and stuff, and buying a new motorbike didnt help..check this out, its a Harley - Davidson *Click here*. Got fanart coming so watch this space - Acanis


20/05/02 - Ok this isnt much of an update, just a change. I have changed my email address for the cells. Its listed on the cells page so people can email there for cell questions etc and any other emails/fanart etc go to zzn.com, cheers. Also just a note to say that Balto 2 was RELEASED in the Uk today!! I bought it this morning so I'll be updating my Balto 2 section too. I think ill just put a personal review of it on that part with the archive news. For the actual movie I think im just going to integrate it into this site how it is. If anyone has any other ideas I'd like to know! - Acanis


11/05/02 - Ooops i noticed a mistake. I said please dont send me any Balto pictures etc... I made a typo and forgot to include the "2". Ive changed it now so please DO send me Balto stuff, but for now no Balto 2 stuff... I will accept it when Balto 2 is released here in the Uk. Its expected on the 20th of May and I have my fingers crossed it will be real...this time ggrr - Acanis


05/05/02 - This update has taken me ages to do. Incase you didnt notice when u came to this site, I have a new entrance page. If you didnt see it, go back to http://fluke.theicecave.org and click refresh. But I'm pleased to say that this is the first Balto website to have Flash animation!! Its only a test really, cos I do plan on doing some full length Fluke animation, but that will come in time. Dont hold your breath or anything lol. But anyway I'm pretty pleased with it and if anyone wants to let me know what they think too or have any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear. It is after all the first time I've ever used Flash so I'm still learning. -Acanis


03/05/02 - Still getting all this stuff up that i should have done ages ago. First up in order of them sitting in my inbox, we have a new story!! Fluke is more than pleased, so have a read or Lobo_6's work. Secondly we have 2 new fanartists, welcome to Mountain Eagle and Gleb! Finally we have a new Fluke artist, but I have done something silly. Because of the file size I had to delete the original email, but I forgot to take note of the name. The nearest I have are the initials "S.D" so that's what I have had to list it as. If S.D could let me know what their name is, I'll change it ;). Thats it for now, I think I've caught back up *deep breaths* -Acanis


26/04/02 - Ok here we go, we have 2 new pieces of fanart from a new fanartist, welcome to "Shewolf". go check it out (especially the whitewolf one!) and appologies in the time it took me to actually get this art up on the site. Also I have put up a new site in the links section so dont forget to look. Finally I have updated my merchandise section... alot happens over 2 months lol, I've increased my collection a bit, a laserdisk, 2 balloons and a book (thanx John!). I do have more fan art to add, but thats all I can manage for now. I will try to get the rest up in the next few days along with some more merchandise that I'm expecting, -Acanis


24/04/02 - Wow its been ages hasnt it. No Ive not forgotten, instead Ive had a few problems. Well to start I had an infestation of computer viruses, several were script based so I thought it would be best not to update just incase there was an risk in spreading these across the ice cave server. Silver would not be happy if that was the case and I dont want to upset her! lol. Also I was in Florida for 3 weeks visiting and by the time I got home, the computer had gone downhill. The only thing I could do was format. So now here we are. Me and Fluke are back and we have our work cut out for us. expect some real updates soon. I have a lot of fan art to post and expect more art work from me, a long with at least 2 new sections!. Untill then tho, check out my Balto 2 section, I have indeed seen the movie but I have taken a twist. There will be no Balto 2 info on this site until...well have a look, it will explain all. If anyone has further comments or questions, visit my section at the Icey Boards...the link is on the left frame -Acanis


25/02/02 - Just a quick note to say please dont send me any Balto 2 related pictures of info. I know there will be alot of excited fans out there, but I have not seen it yet (see below update for details). I should be seeing it soonish so please hold out till then. Thanx


23/02/02 - Well Balto 2 was released in America on the 19th. If you havent got your copy yet, why not?? Seriously tho, the overal impression has been good. Unfortunately that is all I can say right now because the STUPID ANNOYING *HOW DID THEY EVER GET THE JOB IN THE FIRST PLACE* distributors have failed to release it here. That is pretty annoying, but I'm getting around it. Hopefully I will be able to see it in the next 2 weeks. Oh also appologies to those who have signed my guest book recently. Tripod in general is not letting me view anything (including websites like the 3 mile marker *ggrr*) so i have to wait until i can get on a different computer to ok it. There is also some nice new fan art, welcome to Tobi. I have found some Balto art someone has sent me a while back, but i cant remember who it is from. I've put it below so if it is yours, please let me know! Finally I have put 2 new links in my links section, I should have done it ages ago but check them out!



03/02/02 - I have a new link in the Balto 2 section... Its pretty cool, shows what the titles on the DVD will look like. Oh and for those who didnt know or missed it, it was the anniversary of the Serum run yesterday! GO BALTO!


26/01/02 - †††††††††††††††††† There is a short review in the Balto 2 section from Amazon, it sounds pretty good to me. And I know Ive said to people I wouldnt view the trailor...but I have. I HAD to lol. Well anyway take a look at my shirt review of it, AND some screen scrabs :) Check out the new Balto 2 title I have on that page too:D Gotta get this movie!


24/01/02 - †††††††††††††††††† Another quick update. You may notice we have a new web ring at the bottom of the page. The Balto web ring is reborn! I was on the waiting list of the old Balto web ring, but unfortunately it is no longer updated. Soooo Snowwolf (of Balto's Zodiac) has kindly stepped in to start a new one! If you have a Balto related site, then click on JOIN!


22/01/02 - †††††††††††††††††† Just a very quick update...New Balto 2 info. Check it out!


21/01/02 - †††††††††††††††††† Im finding it hard to update now, I dont have the time like I used to. Nevermind tho, I am trying to update as much as possible! Ok well I've changed the Cells page AGAIN. take a look, they are now AVAILABLE! There is even a review for them from a happy customer:). YAY we have reached 10000 hits! lol time goes by so fast. Also the Balto 2 page has been updated with a lot of new info so check it out. Not long to go now till its release! Finally we have 2 new peaces of art to show. The first is from Kimbo. you may have seen this already on the icey boards... but its definately worth showing here too in the Balto fan art section. The second is from Vesta and is a picture of Fluke in the ..yep you've guessed it, Fluke art section! Thats all from me for today.


05/01/02 - †††††††††††††††††† HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!! the site is a year old!!! Its amazing how fast it has gone by. Also hope everyone had a great christmas and new year, I know i did! But lets get to the point, the update, its just a small one cos of server problems, the cells page is now back up and running. After many emails asking for me to make one for people, i have decided produce them for people to own. Take a look if you are interested. Silver_huskey now owns a very nice Balto and Steele pic I made, which she is pleased with. Right thats it for now, I gotta go play with my new guitar ;)


12/12/01 - †††††††††††††††††† Christmas is nearly here! As if I need to remind you lol. So far we have a new Artist in both the Fluke art AND the Balto fan art sections, welcome to Mechelle! Also the Balto 2 section is updated with a picture AND a glimpse of the new Balto 2 VHS cover! Finally take a look at the cells page...its stil not up and running, but I've made a cool lil error page. Hopefully itll work...


05/12/01 - †††††††††††††††††† BALTO 2 PICTURES!!!! go to the balto league or my Balto 2 section!!!!


30/11/01 - †††††††††††††††††† New news about Balto 2 and the original on DVD and Vhs, check the Balto 2 section! Soon i will also be updating my "Cels" page too so it is presently offline.


28/11/01 - †††††††††††††††††† This is a first for the site, we have a forum thanks to Silver_Huskey! Its in the left frame so click on it and join the fun! Also check back soon, we will have a new developement that you may be interested in and don't forget to get your copy of the original balto movie re-released on video and DVD at the same time as the sequel! which reminds me, check the Balto 2 section for latest information.


20/11/01 - †††††††††††††††††† AT LAST! a date that actually looks promising for Balto 2, check out the Balto 2 updates for this very important information in getting your copy!!!


16/11/01 - †††††††††††††††††† New image by Blizzard wolf in the Fan art section and a new artisit in the Fluke art section, welcome Silver_wolf. Appologies to both of u for having to wait so long to get these posted.


13/11/01 - †††††††††††††††††† OK we are back. Its been ages since Ive been near the site...stupid brother downloaded a nice virus from Morpheus. Dont u just love litter mates. Well anyway just wanted to say we are back, will up date the page soon. Got a new things to put in Merchandise and have fan art from a couple of ppl.


29/10/01 - †††††††††††††††††† New fan artist, welcome Timberwolf! Also I have 2 new items in the merchandise section!


10/10/01 - †††††††††††††††††† The Balto 2 section is now updated! Also we have THREE new works from kimbo so take a look AND a new Fluke artist, welcome to Mesiska! Finally I have updated the "Meet Fluke" section with his latest picture *sniff* my wolf is all grown up...


09/10/01 - †††††††††††††††††† Arg its been ages since i updated. I'm not getting lazy, I've been away for a month in Florida and forgot to mention that here. Sorry to those who have emailed me and not got a recent reply. But I'm back now so expect an update soon!


25/08/01 - †††††††††††††††††† Bad news I'm afraid. I've updated the Balto 2 sections and well...have a read


22/08/01 - †††††††††††††††††† Sorry it's been a while for me to update. But here it is, I have uploaded another "cel" to that section. It was only quick but is quite a nice picture.


11/08/01 - †††††††††††††††††† A nice quick update. There is a new image of Fluke in the Fluke art section by Black_Wolf!


06/08/01 - †††††††††††††††††† A new fan artist today, welcome to Black Wolf!


04/08/01 - †††††††††††††††††† Well we are back! Basically and unfortunately it didnt work out for us in Italy so here we are. Came back to tons of emails, so lets start with the new fan artist, check out Rush's great art! Also we have a new artist in the Fluke art section. Welcome to DarkFireWolf, go check out her great pictures AND thanx to Dark, we have a new section for fan stories about Fluke! Also the Balto 2 section has been updated. There is a little bit of new information to keep you going. Finally I added some "cells" that I made. Take a look, I think they are pretty cool!


14/07/01 - †††††††††††††††††† Finally updated my links page. It now matches the rest and I got a banenr for White's site:D


04/07/01 - †††††††††††††††††† Happy 4th of July to all our American veiwers. Added an extra page between the title page and the main, take a look, its important.


25/06/01 - †††††††††††††††††† New art from Blizzard wolf added, take a look.


19/06/01 - †††††††††††††††††† Great news! Let it be known that the first Balto fan site to have a release date for BALTO 2 IS THIS ONE!!!! Its official, the date is in my Balto 2 section!


17/06/01 - †††††††††††††††††† Hey I just relised! This page has been around for 6 months! It can't be that old...Anyway we have new pics in the Fluke art section! Got one from Vesta, and one from Kimbo. Check them out, they are great, that section is almost bigger than the Balto fan art section! Also I have uploaded some new items in the Merchandise section, they are marked with a *NEW* next to them. Wow this is a big update...


06/06/01 - †††††††††††††††††† Its been a while since I have updated, been busy with life etc. Got a few things that have come up. I might be going to work in Italy! but anyway, we have a new piece of fan art from Kimbo, go check it out, its a CGI picture this time! Also welcome to our latest fan artist, Tala. Take a look at Tala's really nice work, you wont be dissapointed!


17/05/01 - †††††††††††††††††† The Balto 2 section is now updated with some new bits and pieces!


12/05/01 - †††††††††††††††††† New Fan artist today! welcome to kimbo, go check out kimbos lovely art, very different to anyone elses ive seen. A new image of Fluke in the Fluke Art section by Vesta again another high quality piece AND its finally here, I have added TWO gifs of footage that NEVER made it to the final film...You can see them under the Unseen Balto section. Enjoy!


01/05/01 - †††††††††††††††††† New item in the merchandise section, got a few more to add...125 of them...no way am i scanning each. And ok i am being lazy, I WILL add the animated gif(s) soon...promise this time


29/04/01 - †††††††††††††††††† 2 new items are in the merchandise section, which i resently bought. Soon i will add some more, but im waiting for them to come in the post. Also we have a new section! It's called "Fluke art" where i have displayed some pictures by various artists of Fluke! The quality is all brilliant and if u would like to add to it, then please email me your pics!


21/04/01 - †††††††††††††††††† Added a link on the main page to sign a petition to stop WOLF HUNTS being advertised on ebay. Please sign it!!


17/04/01 - †††††††††††††††††† A new fan art piece by Kaltag2000 and a new fan artist, welcome Blizzard wolf


16/04/01 - †††††††††††††††††† got a cool new title page and yes the highly antisipated *item* is coming soon...


09/04/01 - †††††††††††††††††† Check out my cool little curser words on the main page. see how long it takes to get annoying! lol more updates coming


19/03/01 - †††††††††††††††††† A HUGE update changing a lot of the page. Too much to list but includes new art, looks and downloads.


06/01/01 to 05/03/01- Various updates with fan art, new sections and pictures.


05/01/01 -††††††††††††††††††† The site is opened at the start of the New Year. Itís still quite basic but most is up and ready.†††