Darkness had been around Fluke for what seemed like an eternity, he had no idea where he was or why he was there, all he did know was that he was warm and apparently safe for the moment. Time seemed to pass slowly as he tried to remember how he got into this mess but his memory was blank. Though he seemed to be getting stronger, he slowly started to become aware of the noises around him and the movement from others he assumed were like him. Suddenly out of no where something large came down and slapped against his back and forcefully push him against the ground a little. It was warm and rough as he felt his short fur stroked the wrong way but for some reason it did not scare him. He didn't know why but as quickly as it came, it had gone.

What is going on he wondered to himself, the darkness that had surrounded him however was lighter, day light started to pour into his vision. He squinted through his eye lids as he opened them for the first time, he looked around as best he could but his surroundings were blurred. He could make out five small dark furred objects close to him all pushing their way over each other towards what he could now see as the source of the warmth he had known. As his eyes got used to the light he started to see closer detail, he was on an earthy floor, a warm ray of light was now shining down onto his back from a round opening he had been working himself towards a bit at a time.

Suddenly without warning something came down from above, he felt a tight sensation on the back of his neck as his scruff stretched and lifted him of the ground before being put down next to these dark moving objects which he could now see clearer. He noticed they had stumpy arms and a tail, he looked at their faces and their eyes were all closed. He then tried to look at what had moved him but his eyes were still weak, he couldn't focus that far away. He just heard a familiar voice from above that had been there for such a long time.

"Always the explorer is our Fluke" his Mother said softly before licking his small puppy nose. Fluke, the first in his litter to open his eyes squeaked back before curling up next to his brothers and sisters for a nap.

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